Vault Enterprise Content Management & Services

    Vault Enterprise Content Management enables you to manage content, documents, and data across all functions, geographies, and channels – with agility, visibility, and ease.

    The content management solutions of yesterday are wasting time and money while risking system compliance and security. If you answer yes to any of these questions the time for change is now:

    • Do you waste time searching for the latest approved materials across systems, laptop files, and emails?
    • Do you spend more time tracking down who is working on what and status updates than on your real job?
    • Are you sick of recreating, or worse yet paying again, for materials that you can't find or didn't know already exist?
    • Are you concerned you may be at risk for not complying with the latest record keeping regulations?
    • Is it painful trying to collaborate and provide secure access across functions and external partners?

    Veeva Vault ECM addresses these issues by bringing consumer web ease of use, flexibility, and transparency to enterprise content management and services. A complete content, data, and workflow management solution, Vault Enterprise Content Management enables intuitive review, approval, and distribution, allowing you to get new or updated content into the right hands and channels faster.


    • Single source of the truth: Save time, effort, and resources in quickly finding and knowing you are always working with the latest approved content, documents, and data.Vault_ContentManager_Laptop-image.png
    • Flexibility: Drive more efficiency and enable great control over content, document, and data processes through configurable workflows, metadata, and security.
    • Speed: Accelerate creation, review, and approval of content, documents, and data through an intuitive and flexible solution.
    • Available anytime, anywhere: Internal and external teams collaborate in the cloud for quicker content creation, review, and approval within a secure environment where you maintain control of your assets at every step in the process.
    • Greater visibility: Enable faster and better decision making from reporting and dashboard insights.

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    Customers who trust Vault QualityOne

    Hundreds of customers, from emerging companies to Fortune Global 500, trust Vault to manage their most important processes, documents, and data.


    Vault’s easy-to-use interface was modeled after the consumer web, ensuring breakthrough usability and adoption.
    Find content, documents, and data faster with advanced capabilities such as type-ahead search, searching within fields, dynamic filters, user defined saved searches, and personalized results that reflect each user’s history.
    Review content, documents, and data collaboratively with real-time annotation management, threaded discussions, automated versioning, and no need to download.

    Seamless integration between Vault and Microsoft Office Online provides real-time collaborative authoring and does so in a compliant way. See a demo.


    Demonstrate compliance with detailed audit trails capturing every event in a process including execution of a signature, task creation and assignment, and more.


    Leverage real time dashboards and reports to keep your business on track. Click through from dashboards to reports to deliverables, tasks, and due dates to move from insight to action.


    Leverage advanced capabilities such as work queues, dynamic workflow menus or recipients, and in-flight changes to active flows.


    Reduce risk with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic signatures, watermarking and overlays, version control, and more.


    Add contextual information that reflects your business and leverage Vault to drive more efficiency and automation into your processes.


    No more app servers, upgrades, compatibility matrices, expensive upgrades, or other on premise limitations. Vault's multi-tenant cloud Software-as-a-Service ECM solution ensures you always have the latest version and capabilities at your fingertips.